The 3G rule applies: visitors must show that they have either tested negative, have been vaccinated or have recovered.



Salierring 44

50677 Köln


The studio is located on the fourth floor.
An elevator is available.


Parking is available here:

Parkhaus Rotonda - Pantaleonswall 27, 50676 Köln

Rewe Parkhaus - Salierring 47-53, 50677 Köln


You can reach us:
Mo.- Fr. from 10 - 20 o' clock and
Saturday 11 - 20 o' clock



0221 - 29 89 40 87 and

0162 - 58 72 616

Dear Feelings guests,

the hygiene regulations specified by the state government in the corona ordinance are naturally complied with by us 100%. You can find the rules on the pages of the NRW state government under::


in section VI. massage/massage studios


For our guests this means:

  1. face-related services such as facial massages and similar treatments may not be performed at present. Only medically necessary facial treatments are possible.
  2. customers and employees with symptoms of a respiratory tract infection are to be refused access to the business premises; exceptions for employees are possible after medical clarification; exceptions for customers are only permitted for compelling medical reasons and under consideration of special additional protective measures.
  3. customers must wash or disinfect their hands after entering the massage studio (disinfectant at least "limited virucidal") Non-contact welcoming rituals (shaking hands etc.) are to be avoided. Customers who are not prepared to comply with the following rules must be denied access within the framework of the house rules.
  4. customer contact data as well as the time of entering and leaving the massage studio or the business premises are to be documented after obtaining consent in order to enable contact person tracking.
  5. employees and customers must wear a mouth-and-nose cover in the business premises - unless medical reasons prevent this. Employees must always change the mouth and nose cover after completing a service to a customer. In exceptional cases of parallel customer care and in general, a mask must be changed when the customer is soaked, but at least every 60 minutes. Reusable orifice and nose masks must be washed before the next use at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius or with a disinfectant detergent at 40 degrees Celsius.
  6. hand disinfectant, liquid soap and disposable towels must be provided in sanitary rooms. Sanitary rooms must be cleaned at short intervals (at least twice a day).
  7. employees must wash or disinfect their hands before every customer change. This also applies during a possible parallel care of several customers.
  8. textiles and similar items used for treatment, unless they are disposable items, may only be used again after washing at 60 degrees Celsius or after washing with disinfectant detergent at 40 degrees Celsius. (We wash at 90 degrees)
  9. the distance between two workplaces simultaneously occupied by customers must generally be at least 3 metres (secured minimum distance 1.5 m plus room to move).
  10. the movement areas for maintaining the 1.5 m distance should be marked or blocked off.
  11. the simultaneous presence of customers in waiting areas is to be avoided; minimum distances of 1.5 m between customers are to be maintained. Backlog of customers in waiting areas is to be avoided by making appointments.
  12. magazine displays, hospitality etc. for customers are not permitted.
  13. all contact surfaces such as chairs, couches and shelves are to be cleaned after each use with a grease-dissolving household cleaner or disinfected with a suitable (at least "limited virucidal") disinfectant. Waste produced during treatment must be removed properly after each service provision.
  14. all materials and equipment must be properly cleaned and disinfected after each customer.
  15. the business premises must be adequately ventilated. Waste must be disposed of at least twice a day.

The staff will be instructed on the aforementioned protective measures and rules of conduct (including general rules of infection protection such as "sneezing label", classification of cold symptoms, etc.).


You are Welcome

Doing yourself some good, which you can do, par excellence, at tantra massage studio "Feelings" Cologne. A unique ambience that pampers spirit and senses, a service that opens up every opportunity to relax.


We are pleased presenting you a variety of massage, balm and salve for your soul, interesting applications, varied programs and special arrangements. Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful world of comfort, enjoyment and awareness of body, mind and soul. Tantra will touch you deeply.

You'll experience a thrilling and very sensual tantra massage, which involves the whole body. There is nothing better than to indulge in yourself! There is nothing better than to get indulged by tender touch and warm contact after a very exhausted day!


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