Tantra for women

Treat yourself to a few sublime hours...

Do something for yourself for a change – take a break from your everyday life and experience a very special day.


Owing to the cultural conditioning of the male influences on our sexual perceptions, many women find it difficult to discover their own sexual style. Female sexuality has a different energy and pace to male sexuality.


This is our invitation to love yourself, to simply let go and indulge – to experience and enjoy your own sensuality with no strings attached.

It’s possible for any and every woman to feel like a queen. During the ritual, you’ll be sensuously caressed and your whole body will be massaged with warm, precious oils.


A soft touch can work wonders when gently inquisitive hands caress their way up and down your whole body, with desire in every touch of your skin. A massage releases ‘joy hormones’, making you forget about your everyday life completely. A gentle, loving touch also stokes the sexual desire created by the astonishing power of touch, wellbeing and satisfaction.


If you’d like, you can finish off the experience with a yoni massage.



Yoni massage: This type of massage gives every woman the chance to celebrate and cherish themselves. We will be your guide!


In a cosy, comfortable ambience filled with the fragrance of special essential oils and soft music, the first step is a loving, intentionally slow-moving massage of your back, then your front, to relax you and heighten your sensitivity.


This creates a pleasant feeling throughout your whole body and builds trust. Only then does the actual massage of the woman’s genital area begin. Very attentively, languorously and slowly.


Yoni massages help women reach a more profound understanding of their own sexuality, making it easier to communicate what they want and experience a much more satisfying love life.


In addition to its orgasmic potential as a form of sex therapy, a yoni massage can also energise you.

Our Tantric massages:

Tantra try-out session, 45 min. 110,00 Euro
Traditional Tantra, 1 hour 140,00 Euro
Tantra for connoisseurs, 1.5 hours 180,00 Euro
Deluxe Tantra, 2 hours 220,00 Euro
Exclusive Tantra, 3 hours 320,00 Euro
Tantra with two masseuses, 45 min. 220,00 Euro
Tantra with two masseuses, 1 hours 280,00 Euro
Tantra with two masseuses, 1.5 hours 360,00 Euro
Tantra with two masseuses, 2 hours 440,00 Euro



We can combine any of these massages for you upon request!


The time indicated is just for the massage itself. Please factor in at least 30 extra minutes for showering, getting (un)dressed and chatting with your masseuse.


If you’d like a male Tantric masseur, you can request this – please schedule the appointment at least two days in advance.


The Feelings team is ready to answer any questions you have, respond to requests or set up an appointment; you can reach us by telephone or email.



Your Feelings Team in Cologne.

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