Tantric massages

Escape from your daily routine

A Tantric massage is a very special experience. We’ll have a relaxed conversation beforehand – we’ll discuss how the massage will proceed and learn about your personal requirements.

Tantric massage

The Tantra philosophy originated in India approximately 2,000 years ago. Tantra as we know it today is often called ‘neo-tantra’. The core intention is to combine spirituality with sexuality.

Our Tantric massage (at Feelings)

If you’ve found yourself longing for something special – a way to escape the routine of everyday life – a unique and heavenly place where feelings of sensuality, mindfulness, care, considerateness, attention, harmony and wellbeing take centre stage (these are things that often fall by the wayside in our mundane everyday lives), a place where someone will take the time to focus on only you, your needs and your desires.


If that sounds right, then the Feelings team are the perfect people to turn to. Here, body, mind and soul are aligned in harmony.

We provide gentle and perceptive – yet erotic – Tantric massages with a warm-heartedness that you’ll love. We’ll massage your entire body gently and lovingly. Sensitive hands will caress your body. You’ll experience the interplay of soft, soulful and dynamic motions. And we’ll warm you up with body-to-body contact.


Through our massages, your energies will be stimulated and begin to flow. They’ll spread throughout your body and carry you into a world of sensuality, love and desire.


The Feelings team is ready to answer any questions you have, respond to requests or set up an appointment; you can reach us by telephone or email.


Your Feelings Team in Cologne

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